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        What is a box break?

        A box break is where people share a box of cards by dividing up the product by player, team or pack.


        How do I join a break?

        You can find all of our current breaks at our home page, www.cardboardliferbreaks.com, and choose the break that interests you. We offer Random Player, Random Team and Random Pack box breaks.


        When does my break happen?

        Once your break is sold out, I will send you a message with the date and time of the live break on our YouTube channel Cardboardlifer Breaks. You don’t need to watch the live break to receive your cards from the break.


        How will my random player or team be determined?

        We will list everyone who has purchased a spot in the break in a List Randomizer on www.random.org and randomize that list 5 times. Please keep in mind I have no say in the random results. Once that is done, we will cut and paste the randomized list beside and alphabetical player or team list from this product. If a product has 287 players with autographs and/or memorabilia cards in its checklist then that break will have 287 spots in a random player break.  


        If missed the break how can I see what was pulled?

        If you are not able to watch the live break you can watch a video of it on our YouTube channel Cardboardlifer Breaks. All live breaks are recorded and are posted a few hours after the live stream ends.


        How and when do I get my cards?

        After a box break is completed, the cards will be sorted, sleeved and top loaded. We ship all cards in either bubble mailers or boxes. All sleeved and top loaded cards will be shipped in either team set bags or graded card bags. We do not use tape of any kind to secure toploaded cards. We ship once a week on Tuesday. Your cards will be shipped to the shipping address you have on file with your account.


        Do you ship all of the cards from the breaks?

        I always ship any and all autographs, memorabilia, serial numbered parallels and rookie cards from our breaks. We also ship base cards for our Random Team breaks. There are specific instances where we do not ship base cards for our Random Player breaks. This is done to keep the per spot costs of these breaks as low as possible. If the base cards are not going to be shipped it will be notated in the break description.


        What exactly am I getting when I purchase a box break spot at Cardboardlifer Breaks?

        Purchasing a spot in one of our breaks does not mean you are getting the entire box of cards. This is a group break service designed to allow you to buy a random player, random team, or random pack from a box or case.


        What happens if my player or team does not have any cards pulled in the break?

        By purchasing a spot in one of our breaks you are acknowledging that you understand there is no guarantee that you will receive a card from the break. You will always receive a random player or random player for the break you have purchased a spot in.


        How do I know all of this is legitimate?

        All breaks are completed on a live streaming broadcast on our YouTube channel Cardboardlifer Breaks. All boxes/packs are opened live and all the activity is kept within the frame of the live stream. I will be seeing what cards are from each box at the same time you will see them.


        What happens if a card is pulled with multiple players and/or teams on the card?

        If a person has the players/teams that represent more than 50% of the players or teams on a card, they will receive the card automatically. If no one has more than 50% of the players or teams on a card, then those people who have a player or team on the card will be put into the randomizer on random.org multiplied by the number of players they have on the card.


        If you have any questions about our breaks, you can contact me at cardboardliferbreaks@gmail.com.