Our schedule for 12-30-2022 is posted in the Break Schedule section.
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        If you have gotten this far looking around our website, I am sure you want to know who you are dealing with. My name is Steven Judd and I am a life-long card hobbyist/addict/enthusiast. I have been involved in the hobby for close to 40 years and spent 15 years working in the trading card industry. During my career in the trading card industry I worked in product development at Donruss-Playoff, Topps and Upper Deck and also as a Price Guide Analyst and Editor at Beckett Publications. 

        So exactly how did I end up running my own breaks? I have enjoyed watching breaks for several years, but I noticed there were not a lot of lower-priced options for those who wanted to participate in them. Not everyone has $20, $50 or $100 for a spot in a break. My primary goal with our breaks is to provide a fun, price-inclusive breaking experience that is accessible to a larger number of hobbyists. To that end, our preferred break format is the Random Player 1 Box Break because it allows for a much lower per spot price compared to a Random Team box, multi-box or case break. 

        We run a small operation and when I say "we" I really mean me. I am the box buyer, break scheduler, e-mail sender, box breaker, YouTube video editor and uploader, card sorter, sleever and top loaderer, invoice printer, bubble envelope filler, postage label adhererer, social media coordinator (you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and my personal favorite Twitter) and trash taker-outer.