A different way to break

I think cards should be fun. I think everyone should be able to enjoy them. I think breaking adds a certain element of entertainment to the hobby that it has never had before, or at least during the years I have been involved in it. I believe everyone should  be able to share in that entertainment.

I don't think you should have to spend $20, $50 or $100 for a spot to take part in a break. And that is how I got started last year offering random player breaks last year on eBay. I wanted to offer a breaking experience that still included the premium and super premium products we all enjoy, but in a more affordable format.

I have finally built my own website to offer my breaks. My rationale behind this is: Offering my breaks on my own site costs far less money and allows me to offer better priced breaks. This is and will continue to be a work in progress. This is the true fun in doing this for me. I have to learn new things everyday just to keep up with everything.

Thank you for reading this. If you are looking for a more affordable breaking experience I hope you will consider buying a spot in one of our breaks.


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